Healers' Holiday Gift Guide for Dog Lovers

Healers' Holiday Gift Guide for Dog Lovers

The holidays are right around the corner, and that means the season of gift giving is almost here. It also means you’re probably working through your list of gifts to purchase, and we’ve got the dog parents completely covered.

Here at Healers, we’re proud of our lines of pet safety items that help keep pups safe all year long. We’ve got an assortment of goodies in our store perfect for any type of pooch, so here are a few ideas for the dog families in your life.


Gifts for the Adventurous Pups

We’re thinking of all the dogs that enjoy exploring in the great outdoors: hiking, camping, climbing on big boulders, trekking through the woods, running on trails, playing on the beach, swimming in lakes or rivers, boating, stand up paddle boarding, surfing, and more.

Be prepared for anything with our Healers line of First Aid products :

Healers Cut and Wound Spray For Pets

Healers Cut and Wound Spray For Pets : 

Treat lacerations, cuts, mouth sores, punctures, abscesses, and more with Healer’s Petcare Wound Spray. This pet first aid spray is veterinary-formulated and is made of only the safest, natural ingredients.

  • Alcohol-free formula
  • Rapid-acting, easy-application, and non-messy
  • Created using nature’s most effective antiseptics
  • Non-irritating and non-stinging formula


Hot Spot Relief Aid

Hot Spot Relief Aid : 

  • Provides soothing pain relief quickly and effectively
  • Stops the itch cycle
  • Requires no prescription
  • Professional-strength blend of ingredients works fast to stop itching and pain.


Healers First Aid Essentials KitHealers First Aid Essentials Kit — Designed to care for cuts, lacerations, minor irritations, skin abrasions or other minor issues, this kit can be kept at home or in a boat, car, or backpack when out and about. It comes with eight (8) square gauze pads, one (1) Healers Leg Wrap, All-Natural Cut and Wound Spray (4-ounce bottle), and a single roll of vet wrap.







Presents for Pups Who Play at Night

Nothing is more important than making sure motorists can see pups when they’re out for a nighttime walk or run with their people. These products will keep them safe in the dark.

Spot-Lite LED Lighted BandanasSpot-Lite LED Lighted Bandanas — Boasting a string of LED lights around the edges, these bandanas are designed to avoid LED collars’ problem of often getting hidden by a dog’s fur. They fasten by slipping over an existing collar and come in a variety of sizes and colors, including  Neon Orange/Black, Neon Paw Prints, Neon Yellow/Green, Stars, and the U.S. Flag.

Spot-Lite LED Lighted Jackets for Small & Medium-Sized DogsSpot-Lite LED Lighted Jackets for Small & Medium-Sized Dogs — Perfect for a walk or run, the jackets light up with strands of LED lights along the spine to ensure maximum visibility. They’re created with neon-colored fabric for daytime visibility, and are waterproof, machine washable, and lined with your choice of warm fleece or lightweight mesh. Small and medium-sized dog jackets are powered by CR2032 coin cell batteries and available in Neon Green, Neon Orange, Red, and Teal.

Spot-Lite LED Lighted Jackets for Large DogsSpot-Lite LED Lighted Jackets for Large Dogs — These jackets offer all the same perks as the small and medium-sized versions, just created for bigger pups. Large dog jackets are powered by three AAA batteries and available in Neon Green, Neon Orange, Red, and Teal.








Things for Pups who Play in Snow, Ice, or Other Harsh Conditions

Everyone knows dogs love to be outdoors, but the varying elements can do a number on their paw pads. Here are some items to protect these fun-loving pooches.


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Urban Walker Dog Booties — Available in a variety of sizes and sold in pairs for a better fit, these booties were designed by a former Nike shoe designer with everyday paw protection in mind. They feature strong, non-skid soles and quick-drying mesh fabric to give pups a natural feel, keeping paws protected while playing on snow, ice, hot sand, pavement, or other harsher walking conditions.

Healers Medical BootiesHealers Medical Booties — Designed as a medical aid for pet allergies or paw injuries, these booties slip on easily to protect injuries or hold a medication-coated gauze pad in place. They’re like slippers, compared the “everyday shoe” style of the Urban Walkers, and are perfect for around-the-house and light outdoor use.

Items for the Pups Who Need a Little Extra Care

Pup anxiety is no laughing matter, and any doggie parent with a nervous pooch will love to try these antianxiety products. Bonus - they also have other therapeutic uses!

Therapeutic & Anxiety Body Wrap – Front — This body wrap has multiple applications. It can help relieve anxiety, be used in post-surgical recovery, function as a bandage with gauze inserts. Use with the Rear module for a full body wrap. It’s available in several sizes for maximum healing.

Therapeutic & Anxiety Body Wrap – RearTherapeutic & Anxiety Body Wrap – Rear — This rear module component to the Therapeutic Body Wrap is perfect for dogs with incontinence or those that are in heat. It can also lower anxiety, offer post-surgical protection (used instead of a cone), act as a bandage with gauze inserts. It comes in several sizes for a secure fit. 






     Heal + Repair

    Treat your pet to pain relief when you shop pet first aid from Healers Petcare.

    • Kit includes both a wound spray and hot spot relief to help heal and repair skin and coat
    • Treats a variety of skin conditions and injuries
    • Easy-to-use formula
    • Fast, effective, and non-toxic 


    For those pets who get Supplements, we have natural ingredient formulas that support Skin & Coat Health Chews , Hip and Joint CareDigestive Health Enzymes Chews and Healers Golden Turmeric Paste



    Wishing all of your a safe and happy Holiday Season - Happy shopping!

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