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Image of a pair of Healer's Medical Booties.
Image of three Healer's Petcare gauze pads that are shaped like a dog's paw.
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Healers Medical Booties
Healers Medical Booties
Healers Medical Booties
Healers Medical Booties

Healers Medical Booties

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Discover dog paw care when you shop with Healer’s Pet Care.

  • Perfect for treating paw allergies or injuries
  • Simple application
  • Non-stick, rubber sole pads provide greater traction
  • Triple layer gauze for moisture absorption

Does your pet have sensitive paws that are prone to injuries or allergies? The Healer’s Petcare Medical Booties Box Set is your solution! These easy-to-use booties are perfect for around the house, or even light outdoor use. With triple-layered gauze inserts, these booties act as a bandage for your dog’s paws, absorbing moisture and allowing you to apply medicine if needed. Made with soft and comfortable fabric, these booties will feel like slippers for your dog! One pair (two booties) of Healer’s Medical Boots and two gauze pad inserts are included in each set.

Shop dog paw care at Healer’s Petcare and ensure your pup’s paws are always taken care of.

How to measure?

The best way to measure is draw your pets paw on a piece of paper and measure the width at the widest point.


Booties are sold in pairs with two gauze inserts for each bootie.
Size Avg: Paw Width Breed Sample Colors
XL 3 7/8 -4.0" Mastiff, St. Bernard Blue
L 3 1/8-3.5" German Shepherd Blue
M 2.5- 3.00" Labs, Hounds, Spaniels Blue
S 2 - 2.25" Pugs, Pit Bulls Blue
XS 1 5/8" Toys, Terriers Blue


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Cornelia M.
United States

Great for wounded paws

These booties are great bandages (rather than stiff shoes) for tender, wounded paws. Our collie, Scottie, lost a toe nail and had the quick exposed for many weeks until the nail was fully grown back. This is a very painful wound and Scottie could not walk on that foot. But when we put on a Healers bootie he walked normally (after a few minutes getting used to the bootie). Customer service was great as well, making sure we have the right size booties for Scottie. Great experience!

Michele R.
United States United States

Best design of medical dog boots

This item is well designed of durable high quality materials. My 15 year old dog was born with a deformed paw and he needs to wear something every time he goes outside. I tried many styles and nothing fit him until I tried this product. The diagonal wrap design allows you to put it on the dog’s paw without stressing out the animal. The additional leg wrap helps to keep it on. This product is a Godsend for my dog.

Joyce P.
United States United States


Worked well on protecting our boys paw. Only one drawback. He figured out how to remove the Velcro with his teeth do he could remove the bootie. So we watch him closely

jennifer B.
United States United States

Ordered from Chewy, Lucky for me Healers Pet care phone number was on the box, they rest is Great History!

I found your Healer Medical Boots for Dog on Chewy.com I ordered the medium size to my surprise were really large. Lucky for me Healers Pet care phone number is on the box I called and reached very helpful lady named Terry who was of great help I was happy that she would take the Medium Size Healer Boots, and would mail me the X Small and the Small size Boots to see which ones would fit my dog’s paws and return the ones that don’t fit. I am so glad I called because Chewy will not take back any boots or socks that you order that don’t fit, they suggest you donate them to an animal shelter. These boots are very well made they are a comfortable fit for my Shih Tzu, Alee, finally boots that. I am so pleased with your products they are all of the highest quality I have ever seen before. I have ordered another set for her back paws. I have tried everything with no prevail until now, my dog can walk in comfort now and I keep them on her at night to prevent her licking her sore paws and I am happy she does not have to wear the head guard that is so uncomfortable for her. Healers Medical Booties is an answer to my prayers. I have ordered more of their products such as The CBD Hot Spot which is working for my little girl can see an improvement in just a couple of days in some areas, The CBD Oil that is helping her she has severe allergies and finally have found that Healers Petcare has such good high-quality products that I have already recommended them to my neighbor. I will be ordering more of your products and have/will be recommended you to other pet parents. You really care about your customers and that is a really big plus factor that will keep me coming back to you for more of your products, as well as you kind and wise advice. Sincerely JB of NC

United States United States

What a Big Help!

These are terrific! My large standard poodle service dog injured his paw while playing with another dog. The vet gave us meds and an elizabethan cone collar to wear. I'm not sure who hates the cone more..him or me. It made everything he did stressful and more difficult. These booties are breathable and stress free. The size medium fits well, and the gauze is helpful too. They are easy for me to put on and he has not been able to remove it. The velcro is strong and allows me to give him custom fit, and has already helped him to interrupt the licking and chewing cycle. He is able to have his normal range of movement and motion that was impossible in the cone. In addition, customer service was above and beyond the call of duty. They helped me with sizing (he only needed a medium) and helped me to get it the next day (we are 3,000 miles away from each other). In short, I would recommend these to anyone who has a dog with a medical paw issue. I believe they should be available as an alternative to the elizabethan cone. The stress reduction alone makes it easier on this owner and dog. Thank You!! PJ