My Story

I struggled to find the product I needed for my German Shepherd, Jake. So I decided to make my own!

Jake, our German Shepherd, has struggled his entire life with allergies. We had him tested and he is allergic to multiple environmental conditions such as Cedar, Fir, and many types of grasses. He gets flair ups a few times a year where his feet and ears will itch and he will chew and scratch until they are red and raw. He scratched his left ear to the point that he broke the blood vessels and they had to be cauterized to stop the continuous flow of fluids. That is why his ear no longer stands up. In addition to his allergy issues, last summer we took him for a hike in Black Butte mountains in Oregon and within 2 hours all of his pads were gone and bleeding. To treat his paws we had to soak his feet twice a day and wrap his paws in gauze. I went to purchase a set of dog booties that would help protect his feet but were unable to find any that were designed for healing. The ones that were available did not breathe , you had to slide them over their paws, and they would not stay on. When you have a pet that has an injury, sliding a bootie over the wounded , swollen area is difficult. Also wrapping gauze twice a day around the paw was impossible. You end up using rolls and rolls of gauze, the gauze would stick to the wound as the blood dries, and it would not stay in place.

I decided there had to be a better way. So being an engineer, I made several pairs of booties that would wrap around the paw with Velcro, I used a breathable mesh and lined them with terry cloth to create a soft comfortable pad. Jake managed to keep them on most of the time and our vet stated that his pads healed up amazingly well. So it was with this original design that we came up with “Healers” paw dressing and dog booties.

You will love these booties. They are made with a patented material “Breath-O-Prene” technology that is used in many medical devices and enhances healing by allowing air to flow and wicks away moisture. We also have developed an adhesive non adherent gauze insert that turns the pet bootie into a bandage. So you no longer have to wrap an injured paw in gauze and the gauze stays in place inside the boot. Our paw protective booties wrap around the paw so you can get good fit and the velcro closure helps keep them in place. I hope you love them as much as I do!