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Our Story

“I struggled to find the product I needed for my German Shepherd, Jake – so I decided to make my own!”

Paw wounds are common in dogs. From torn pads to punctures, these traumas range from minor to severe, but almost always require home care – a process that’s both challenging and time-consuming. Terri Entler learned this firsthand in 2011, when her German shepherd, Jake, returned from a hike with his pads burned by the hot ground. After just a few days of bandaging and soaking, Terri knew there had to be a better way.

Unable to find a pair of booties that didn’t stick to Jake’s wounds, Terri – an engineer – took matters into her own hands. Using her sewing machine, breathable mesh material and Velcro, she crafted dog boots designed specifically for healing. By inserting non-adherent gauze pads into the boots, her invention protected Jake’s paws much more efficiently.

“The booties are made with a patented material “Breath-O-Prene” technology that is used in many medical devices,” says Terri. “It enhances healing by allowing air to flow, and wicks away moisture.” 

After seeing how well they worked on her pup’s paws, Terri launched Healers Medical Dog Booties under her new company name, Healers Pet Care, Inc. Today, her product line includes a leg wrap, and two unique full body wraps ideal for post-surgery healing. Their “everyday” boots, Urban Walkers, shield paws from environmental conditions that can cause injury, while their holistic remedies help support natural healing.

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