2-inch Gauze Replacement For Dog Leg Wraps — Find Gauze Pads
Healers Gauze Replacements - 2" Squares

Healers Gauze Replacements - 2" Squares

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Expect the unexpected when it comes to your dog’s legs. You never know when your dog might need leg wraps for various injuries. Be prepared for anything with dog leg wraps from Healer’s Pet Care.

  • 2-inch squares for 2-inch wide leg wraps
  • 8 pads per package
  • Bulk pricing available
  • Easy to apply and remove

Don’t let a leg injury stop your dog from enjoying the wonders of life. With Healer’s Petcare dog leg wraps, you can rest assured that you’ll be prepared for any injury, any time. Our 2-inch square Gauze Replacements allow for simple application and removal, making your life and your dog’s life easier.

Shop Healer’s Pet Care dog leg wraps today and keep your furry friend protected!