Who Gets the Dog/Pets in a Divorce?

A divorce can often be difficult emotionally, as well as in terms of the fallout from the divorce which can include things like property, children, and pets. There are a lot of things to sort out in terms of ownership and who will be responsible for the animals.
In some cases, this may be something that can be established in an amicable divorce. In other cases, people may have to fight their case for ownership of the pets.
H2: Legal Perspective on Pets
Pets are viewed as their own entity when it comes to ownership in the event of a divorce. Though they are obviously a very different proposition when compared to children, the process is not necessarily dissimilar. In some cases, when there is a dispute, there is a requirement for custody to be awarded by a judge.
Pets are seen as property, to some extent. This means that there are things that may be considered in court regarding who bought the pet, for instance.
H2: Factors Influencing Pet Custody Decisions
If it comes down to a court having to judge on a pet and its living situation, there will be a few different factors considered. These all go towards the final decision.
The living situation and ability to care for the pet is one of the main factors. For instance, if one of the divorced pair is going to live in a place where it is not really suitable to own a pet.
The attachment between individual and pet is also something that will be considered. If the pet has more of a provable attachment to one of them.
The child custody arrangements and impact on pet custody could also play a part. For instance, will it be distressing for the pet to be taken away from the children?
The financial aspect also has to play a part. Which of the partners has paid for the pet and paid for things like their veterinary bills? This may come into the thinking of a judge.
H2: Types of Pet Custody Arrangements
Custody can get complicated, but there are a couple different types of custody arrangements that may be agreed. A guardianship lawyer can help people who need to fight for their rights when it comes to pet custody.
● Sole custody – one spouse retains full ownership and responsibility
● Shared custody – the pets are seen as a shared responsibility with scheduled

As already discussed, the needs of the pet and the living scenarios may be considered. For example, if somebody works away for long periods they may not be seen as a suitable fit for custody of the pets.

H2: The Role of Judges and the Court to Determine Custody Agreements for Dog Owners

It isn’t always a simple decision to make, but the judge will have the final say in the custodial decision, taking evidence and other agreements into consideration before ruling on what happens to the dog or other pets. They will consider the pet's care as a priority, as the most important thing is to ensure the pet is well looked after at all times. Judges may ask for specific evidence to go through and speak with the pet owners before making their final decision, and a guardianship lawyer can help to strengthen the case for getting custody of a pet.
H3: Pre-nuptial and Post-nuptial Agreements
If you are going to make an agreement such as a pre-nuptial or post-nuptial agreement then it is a good idea to consider the pets as part of this. Pets can be one of the most heart-wrenching aspects of a divorce. If somebody wants to protect their bond with a pet then a pre-nuptial agreement could be one way to do so. It will play a part in court though it may not be the only factor in custodial decisions.
We all love our pets and most of us hate the idea of being separated from them in any scenario. Every divorce plays out differently, but there is a strong chance you may need to fight your corner and show why you are the most suitable guardian if it comes down to a disagreement. A court of law will have the final say.

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