How To Meet Your Dogs Needs On Holiday

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Many of us find ourselves dreaming of sandy beaches and blue skies, craving that short break from everyday life that a holiday brings. But for dog owners, planning your next holiday can also bring feelings of stress and sadness at the thought of leaving your furry friend behind. Fortunately, there are many ways to enjoy a getaway with your dog by your side.

You’ll just need to ensure that you consider what’s best for them when you plan your itinerary. In this article, we explore just how you can meet your dog’s needs while still enjoying your holiday.

Essential items to remember
Here are a few of the items you’ll need to bring to keep your dog happy and healthy
throughout your trip:
● Collar/ lead/boots
● Food and food bowl
● Water and water bowl
● Poo bags
● Towel
● Bed
● Toys
● Treats
● Medicine/First aid Kit
● Brush

It’s important that your dog has everything that they need in order for them to be as comfortable as possible, so make sure you pack a bag for them too. If your dog is quite anxious, it could also be a good idea to bring some blankets or sheets that smell like home
to provide some comfort.

Let them take it at their own pace
Some dogs will thrive on holiday and immediately be in their element, but others may take some time to adjust to unfamiliar surroundings. Particularly if it’s your dog’s first time away from home, it’s only natural for them to take longer to become settled. If that’s the case, don’t try to force your dog straight into a full day of activities. When bringing your dog on holiday with you, you need to be prepared to allow some flexibility in your plans. It might be that your dog needs to explore your accommodation for a while once you arrive, or perhaps take one room at a time. It’s important to allow them to do this and take the new adventure at their own pace.

Avoid leaving them alone for long periods
Similarly, don’t be tempted to leave your dog in your accommodation while you go out each day. As any dog owner will know, separation anxiety is a common problem, and this can be further exacerbated if they’re left alone in a strange environment. It may not be possible to have your dog with you 24/7 on the trip, but make sure to pay attention to their behavior and judge each situation carefully. Most dogs should be okay for an hour or so on their own, but you know your dog best, so make sure you do what’s best for them. 

Having your dog by your side on holiday can be a wonderful experience. Getting to explore the world with your best friend can make the trip even more enjoyable, as long as you come prepared with the tools and information to best meet your dog’s needs. So, why not pack a bag and start looking for your next adventure?

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