Healers PetCare 2019 New Pet Health Products

Vancouver, Washington—Healers PetCare Inc. is kicking off 2019 with a bang, announcing both a new partnership and the launch of several pet health products.

Founder Terri Entler created Healers in August 2009 after experiencing disappointment with other pet product lines. The company has since grown to offer a variety of items, including Medical Booties, Urban Walker Dog Booties, Spot-Lite LED Lighted Bandanas, bandage wraps, gauze inserts, hot and cold packs, Spot-Lite LED Lighted Jackets, therapeutic wraps, and more. Each is made with high-quality materials designed to keep dogs safe and healthy.

“One of the great things about our products is they can help keep pet owners from having to use a cone or Elizabethan collar on their dogs,” Entler said. “Once injured, it is critical that a dog does not lick or chew on the wound. Healers’ medical wraps help provide soothing comfort that protects the injury, allowing it to heal faster and more thoroughly.”

The products have been warmly received, too, positively impacting dog families worldwide. Healers is now working to release even more items, this time in partnership with women-owned, Oregon-based Healing Tree Naturals. The firm, founded by Dr. Eric Witherspoon, DMV, has been creating powerful healing remedies from the finest natural and pharmaceutical ingredients for more than a decade, recently expanding to include plant-derived, condition-specific first aid solutions. Witherspoon’s four daughters took the Healing Tree helm in 2017, making the partnership even more special for Healers.

“We’re all women, all Oregonians, and bringing our talents together to keep pets healthy and safe,” Entler said. “We are coming together as our product lines complement each other, and we all have a desire to help pet owners provide the best possible healthy products for their pets. I am very excited about working with the Healing Tree team. Dr. Witherspoon has been very successful with his veterinary healing ointments, and our healing wraps and protective booties have been very successful in pet retail. By synergizing, we will be able to combine resources and open up new channels.”   

The new first aid products are designed to improve dogs’ health and overall quality of life, and include:

  • Anti-Itch Hot Spot Stopper with Hydrocortisone
  • CBD Calming Hot Spot Stopper
  • CBD Oil
  • Conditioning Tea Tree Oil Shampoo
  • Cut & Wound Treatment

“As we look to the future, we are excited about using our collective skills and intuitions as young mothers, professionals, and conscientious consumers to take Healing Tree Naturals to the next level,” said Elliott Witherspoon, Healing Tree’s product development and sales manager. “We are especially thrilled to align with other women-run companies, like Healers, to venture into new markets with excellent, high-quality products backed by our values.”  

Healers has additional products in the works, preparing to launch a turmeric-based supplement in conjunction with woman-run Biolley Farms in Costa Rica. The company is owned and managed by another Oregon native, Jennifer Long of Tigard, and produces an organic, high-quality, anti-inflammatory, and cancer-reducing turmeric and pepper super paste for dogs.

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