Tips to Keep Your Dog Safe During Night Walks

There’s nothing better than taking your furry friend out for an evening stroll. It’s very important to make sure that your dog gets consistent exercise every day to maximize their mobility and promote overall wellbeing. Studies show that 93% of dog owners claim that regular walks made their pups feel less stressed. If you work during the daylight hours, you can still walk your dog after the sun disappears. However, it’s essential to find ways to ensure that you and your pup are safe while walking in the dark. Here are some helpful tips to keep your dog visible during night walks.

Stick to Familiar Paths

When you decide where you want to go walking with your animal, it’s crucial to stick to familiar paths so that you don’t get lost, or put yourself and your pup in harm’s way. Before you leave the house, try to select routes that are well-lit and populous so that you can spot any dangers lurking.

When you choose familiar routes, your dog will be less anxious, and it can prevent them from being started from the unknown. Stick to the sidewalk, and if you’re on a public street, walk against the traffic so you can see what’s coming toward you. You might want to ditch the headphones so you can be more aware of your surroundings. If you get tired of walking the same route, switch up your familiar paths on a weekly basis so that you and your furry friend can experience new sights, new smells, and new people!

Always Use a Leash

Even if your dog is well-trained and remains by your side at all times, always use a leash while walking at night. Your dog can be perfectly normal one moment, and be startled by something the next. When you have your dog on a leash, you remain in control and prevent the opportunity to lose your animal unexpectedly. If your dog gets scared or stressed out while off a leash, they can run off and hide for prolonged periods.

And most importantly, if there is ongoing traffic nearby, you want to prevent any chance of your dog running into moving cars. The safest prevention method is to always use a leash while walking your dog in the dark.

Wear a Headlamp

As a dog owner, you can make yourself more visible which will effectively make your dog visible, too. A great way to draw attention to yourself is to wear a bright headlamp. Headlamps also provide great illumination of your path, so that you and your dog can see what’s ahead. Since headlamps don’t require you to hold them like flashlights, this will result in a hands-free experience so you can grip on to your dog’s leash, and use a cell phone if you need to.

Attach an LED Bandana to Your Pup

Healer's Spot-Lite LED Lighted Bandanas

Healer's Spot-Lite LED Lighted Bandanas

Now, when it comes to protective gear for your dog, you can invest in LED clothing to make your pup stand out from the darkness of the night. At Healers Pet Care, we created innovative pet products that ensure your pet’s safety. We offer a Spot-Lite LED Bandana collection that is easy to see, machine-washable, and safe for use in the rain. Our easy-to-attach bandanas' go right over your dog’s existing collar, and comes with a full string of lights along the edges, so your dog can be spotted from anywhere and their fur won’t hide the lights. We can even customize a bandana that suits your aesthetic!

Put Your Pup in an LED Jacket 

Spot-Lite LED Lighted Jackets - Small/Medium DogsSpot-Lite LED Lighted Jackets - Small/Medium Dogs

If you want to upgrade your pet’s visible protection gear, you can opt for a Spot-Lite LED Lighted Jackets for Small and Medium Dogs.   We offer small, medium in the following colors.

 Spot-Lite LED Lighted Jackets - Large Dogs 

They are perfect gear for when you walk or run with your dog. Your pup can wear these during the day by simply turning off the lights. During the evening hours, you can turn on the LED lights for maximum visibility. Our LED jackets have three different modes for the lights: constant light, or blinking lights with two different speeds. Check them out in the sale section on our website!

These innovative jackets are waterproof and machine-washable. They are made of a high-quality softshell material that is very soft in texture. We have two different styles: one with a lightweight mesh, and other with warm fleece. Check out our pet safety products to keep your dog safe during night walks! 

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