Tips for Running at Night with Your Dog

We’re headed into winter, and that means the days are getting shorter. It’s often dark in the mornings until many people leave for work, and then dark again by the time they get home. That means there’s a good chance your only option for running (or walking!) with your dog is to do so in the dark.

You’ve likely been warned since childhood about the dangers of running, walking, biking, or doing any other pedestrian-type movement once the sun’s down. Athletic shoes and bicycles come equipped with reflectors to enhance visibility for just that reason, and many companies now offer reflective clothing, glow-in-the-dark bracelets, light-up belts, and more. Those items work well for keeping people safe, but they don’t take your pup into consideration.

The great news is that there are products designed to also keep your dog visible and safe on your nightly adventures. Healers is proud to offer a variety of such products, ensuring there’s a little something for every dog. Here’s a quick guide to our light-up items to help your favorite four-legged friend stay ready for any dimly lit adventure.

Healers’ Bandanas

Spot-Lite LED Lighted Bandanas

Healer's Spot-Lite LED Lighted Bandanas Healer's Spot-Lite LED Lighted Bandanas

Designed with a full string of lights along the edges to ensure your pup’s fur won’t cover them, and available in a variety of sizes, the Spot-Lite LED Lighted Bandanas are washable, water-resistant, and fasten using your dog’s existing collar. Simply slide the collar through the slit on the inside of the bandana, flip a tiny switch on the battery-operated LED light pack, and you’re ready to explore the great (dark) outdoors! Seven patterns are currently available, including:

Healers’ Lightweight Jackets

Spot-Lite LED Lighted Jackets for Small and Medium Dogs

Spot-Lite LED Lighted Jackets - Small/Medium Dogs Spot-Lite LED Lighted Jackets - Small/Medium Dogs

Created in bold colors to aid with visibility no matter what time of day, Healers’ Spot-Lite LED Lighted Jackets are waterproof, machine washable, and made of high-quality softshell material in fleece and mesh varieties. They also come with CR2032 coin cell battery-operated lighting strips along the back. The LED lights have three modes to ensure optimum visibility, including constant light and two blinking speeds. Keep the lights turned off during the day, or flip them on for safety during early morning or nighttime excursions. The small/medium-sized jackets are currently available in:

Spot-Lite LED Lighted Jackets for Large Dogs

Spot-Lite LED Lighted Jackets - Large Dogs Spot-Lite LED Lighted Jackets - Large Dogs

Like the small/medium-sized jackets, Healers’ Spot-Like LED Lighted Jackets for Large Dogs are machine washable, waterproof, and made of high-quality softshell material featuring either mesh or fleece. Their battery-operated LED lighting strips along the spine are powered by three AAA batteries, making upkeep and replacement a breeze. Bright colors ensure maximum visibility during daylight hours, and the LED lights enhance safety in dim lighting. Our large dog jackets can be purchased in the following colors:

Other Tips for Safe Running in the Dark

Bright colors and LED lights alone won’t automatically mean you and your pup are safe during a nighttime run or walk, but a few other safety practices can keep both of you happy and enjoying your adventures in the dark.

Wear your own reflective or light-up products to keep you visible to drivers. Be sure to stick to marked paths or sidewalks to avoid tussles with car traffic. Always look both ways when trekking through an intersection, and double check that vehicles are actually stopping for you before heading out in front of them at crossings. Lastly, ensure you and your pup both stay hydrated, as the cooler air can be excessively drying.

Happy adventuring!

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