Healers PetCare & Biolley Farms Amazing Partnership

Healers PetCare Inc. is proud to announce a strategic alliance with Biolley Farms, an organic farm located in the Costa Rican rainforest. The partnership links two woman-owned companies with equal passions for producing high-quality products.

Healers founder Terri Entler created her company in 2009 after becoming frustrated with inferior pet product lines. The business has since grown to offer a variety of pet first aid and safety items, and recently introduced a line in conjunction with Oregon-based, women-run health product firm Healing Tree Naturals. The line includes hot spot treatments, CBD oil products, a conditioning shampoo, and cut and wound treatments.

“I couldn’t be luckier to find such talented women in my own backyard that are committed to developing high quality pet products,” Entler said.

Biolley Farms provides educational and employment opportunities in one of the poorest regions of Costa Rica, teaching its workers and other nearby farmers to learn and implement organic cultivation. The new pairing will help further Healers’ mission to provide top-of-the-line solutions to keep pets healthy.

“This makes the second alliance Healers has with Pacific Northwest women, the first being the Healing Tree team,” Entler said. “Biolley’s owner, Jennifer Long, was one of my best friends at Tigard High School, and we reconnected last summer at our high school reunion. Jenni grows turmeric in some of the richest soil in Costa Rica, and we knew we needed to develop a product line together. I was already looking to create a golden paste for dogs, and her company was the perfect fit.”

The two firms’ collaborative Golden Paste for Dogs, a blend of high-grade, organic Costa Rican turmeric and black pepper, will debut at the March 2019 Global Pet Expo in Orlando, Florida. The product has been third-party tested and validated at 4.8 percent curcumin levels — about 95 percent higher than competitive turmeric offerings — which Entler and Long attribute to Biolley Farms’ rich soil and cultivation methods.  

“Our turmeric grows in a high-altitude, protected rainforest with the perfect blend of sunshine and rain,” Long said. “We grow our soil naturally using permaculture, bio-intensive and biodynamic methods. By growing soil that is rich in nutrients, we grow food forests that create a natural alliance with the protected rainforest around us. We process our turmeric by hand selecting the root, boiling it, and then solar drying it naturally in our drying beds.” 

In addition to an organic, high-quality, anti-inflammatory, and cancer-reducing product, purchasing Golden Paste provides employment and education for Costa Rican farmers. Supporting the partnership helps to improve their welfare and that of their families.

“The personal aspect to our partnership that is special to me is that we have both gravitated toward natural medicines for pets that are true, long-term solutions providing a natural balance for wellness,” Long said. “This results in a holistic approach that is safe, affordable, and planet friendly.”

Healers PetCare was recently certified with the Washington State Office of Minority and Women’s Business Enterprises. Each of its new products was created with the highest-quality ingredients to improve dogs’ overall health and wellbeing.


About Biolley Farms

Biolley Farms, SRL, provides employment opportunities in one of the poorest regions of Costa Rica and teaches local farmers to cultivate organically. Its main objectives are to turn local farms into organic food forests, provide job security, and maintain small-scale boutique crops — including Persian limes, rambutan, cavendish bananas, turmeric, arabica coffee, graviola leaf tea, hibiscus flower, scotch bonnet chili, black pepper, and papaya leaf tea — for select distributors abroad. It strives to form a rainforest alliance, encouraging organic farms to help preserve the nearby protected rainforest park.

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