Healers Launches Combo Kit for Total Holistic Pet Health

Vancouver, WA — Healers PetCare is excited to announce new combination kit offerings for pet health, providing a variety of wellness items in easy-to-purchase packages. The kits include various products, like the company’s Skin and Coat Health Chews, Hot Spot Relief cream, and Conditioning Tea Tree Oil Shampoo for total-body approaches to optimal health and wellness.

“At Healers, we are constantly looking for long-term solutions to pet health,” said Terri Entler, founder of Healers PetCare. “Our new systemic solution kits are design to assist in treating as well as preventing health issues in pets.”

Entler founded the company in 2009 to provide top-quality pet health and safety products. Healers began with a line of medical booties to protect injured paws during healing, and has since grown to encompass everything from light-up visibility jackets and first aid products to preventative supplements and natural wellness aids.

The company has now turned its focus toward holistic wellness through all-natural products created with partners that truly care about helping pet owners keep their four-legged family members healthy. The kits will help address many common preventative and treatment needs, Entler said.

“Pet allergies, skin issues, and open wounds are all major problems pet parents face,” she explained. “Our complete solutions work together systemically to not only aid the healing process, but also add preventative and long-term solutions to those problems. It made sense to package them as combos that provide total solutions and save our customers money."

Healers will offer three kits to start, including:

  • Skin and Coat Solution Kit: includes Skin and Coat Health Chews, Hot Spot Relief, and Conditioning Tea Tree Oil Shampoo to provide a multi-pronged approach to skin and coat health and to treat skin-related issues
  • Wound Care and Hot Spot Relief Kit: includes Wound Care Spray and Hot Spot Relief with Hydrocortisone to clean open wounds, stop bacteria growth, promote healing, offer relief, and rejuvenate the skin
  • Turmeric Golden Paste and CBD Oil Kit: includes Golden Turmeric Paste and CBD Oil 250mg 1 oz bottle to boost both ingredients’ healing properties, reduce inflammation, provide antioxidants, and more

“Our clients save money on solutions that truly help their pets maintain optimal health when they buy our products as packages instead of individually,” Entler explained. “We want them to have access to solutions that will help treat their pets’ entire conditions, not just one element. We also want them to be able to prevent common injuries whenever possible.”

Healers PetCare announced partnerships with two woman-owned companies — Costa Rica-based natural farm Biolley Farms as well as veterinary-focused Healing Tree Naturals — last year to create its lines of preventative and holistic wellness products. The company will continue to develop health solutions that treat pets systemically and heal root causes, rather than solo products to address single health aspects.

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