Product Review: Healers Urban Walkers

We recently received this great review from a customer and had to share her story with you:

Healers Urban Walkers Our 12-year-old Shepherd has developed a condition on her hind paws that mysteriously festers into red blister-like papules that sometimes ooze. She has been undergoing treatment with our veterinarian for three months. Our previous approach meant paw wrap bandages that required several rechecks and rebandaging throughout the week.

The worst part was subjecting her to a nightly bedtime wearing of a cone — and also doing so at times when we are not at home to supervise — as she will resort to licking, which exacerbates the problem and risks infection and bleeding all over again.

The Healers Urban Walker Booties fit well. We ran a test outing the other day for a few hours and were pleased to return home to find the booties had stayed on the entire time! We are so happy to offer her freedom again with this product, and limit the use of a cone collar to only when absolutely necessary. We are now considering ordering Healers’ medical booties and leg wraps to replace gauze wrap as she is also experiencing signs of redness on her rear knee hock joint.

Thanks for such a great product! We, too, had experienced failure in other brands before discovering Healers!

Best regards,

Laura H.
Surrey, British Columbia

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