Elevate Your Pet's Care and Honor K9 Heroes

Elevate Your Pet's Care and Honor K9 Heroes

Healers PetCare Announces Special Offer: Walk with a Purpose


Vancouver, Wa  , 07/02/2024–  Healers PetCare is excited to announce a unique opportunity for pet owners to support a noble cause while providing top-quality care for their pets. We are overstocked on specific product items. Rather than sell to a discounter and let them make all the profit, we have decided to offer these products to our supporters and various rescue organizations, donating the profits to a worthy cause. We can raise over $300,000 for these organizations.

Our first collaboration is with Project K9 Hero,  (https://projectk9hero.org), an esteemed organization dedicated to providing medical care, food, and other essentials to retired police and military working dogs. These K9 heroes have served our communities with unwavering loyalty and bravery, and now it’s our turn to give back.

Customer may choose any one of these Great product Offerings where the profits support Project K9 Hero.

- **Urban Walker Dog Boots (Size M/L for dogs ~65-75 lbs. with paw size about 2.5” wide):** Crafted with premium materials to endure urban environments, these boots offer exceptional durability, unmatched comfort, and comprehensive protection for your pet's paws.

- **Medical Dog Boots (Medium Size - ~65 lbs., 2.25” wide paw):** Designed for protection and healing, these boots provide airflow and moisture-wicking properties, decreasing the opportunity for infections and shortening recovery time for injuries.

- **Therapeutic & Anxiety Wraps (Medium Size - fits most pit bull/lab/terrier dogs. Healers wraps help reduce anxiety in pets during stressful situations like thunderstorms or fireworks. They are adjustable and comfortable, providing a snug fit that calms your pet.

- **Wound Cleanser (8 oz size):** Utilizing Hydrochloric Acid technology, this all-animal wound and skin care spray aids in cleaning, flushing, and moisturizing. It is natural, non-toxic, and helps in healing and relieving pain.


How you can support this effort:

  1. **Purchase:** Visit the Healers PetCare website and click on our support-pet-rescue page. https://www.healerspetcare.com/pages/support-pet-rescues . Then Purchase any of the highlighted items, including Urban Walker Dog Boots, Medical Dog Boots, Therapeutic & Anxiety Wraps, and Wound Cleanser.
  2. **Support:** Use the coupon code “foundation” at checkout so we can track the donation. 50% of your purchase price will go directly to the K9 heroes.
  3. **Share:** Spread the word to friends and family to maximize our impact.


Shop Now and Make a Difference!

For more information, visit https://www.healerspetcare.com/pages/support-pet-rescues.

Because every K9 Hero deserve the best.


About Healers Petcare

Established in 2011 by Terri, after creating Medical Dog Boots for her dog, Jake, who burned his paws on a hike. Healers PetCare has evolved into a comprehensive line of over 30+ SKUs dedicated to pet health and first aid, including bandages, wraps, natural solutions, supplements, and more. Headquartered in Vancouver, WA, the company specializes in holistic pet health care solutions tailored for home use by pet owners.  For more details, visit www.healerspetcare.com.


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