Do’s and Don’ts When Dog Grooming At Home

Do’s and Don’ts When Dog Grooming At Home

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When you’re a puppy parent, regular grooming becomes essential for their happiness, cleanliness, and overall well-being. Because it is extremely important to learn how to brush, bathe, trim, shave, and clip them, here are the dos and don’ts when grooming your pet at home.

DO groom regularly 

Regular grooming is essential because it is very easy for dog hair to get matted or their skin to develop medical problems. Some long-haired breeds will need their hair brushed more often than pups with short hair, but other grooming will still need to be done often. This includes trimming their nails, checking their skin, brushing their teeth, bathing them regularly and washing with shampoo.

DO keep treats on hand

Not all dogs enjoy being groomed, and most will need to be trained to some extent. Puppies in particular will need to learn to stay still while being brushed and having other grooming done. As with all dog training, it’s good to have some treats on hand to reward them for good behaviour. 

DON’T use human products

It might seem easier and cheaper to use your personal shampoo to wash your dog, but it can be very harmful to him. Dog shampoo has the correct pH balance which helps keep their skin clean and healthy, with a nice and shiny coat. If you use human shampoo, the chemicals can be harmful to a dog’s coat and cause painful skin irritations, which could end up needing an emergency visit to the vets.

DO check their feet

You should regularly inspect your dog’s paw pads for dryness, cracks, injuries, or foreign objects that have become lodged. Plus you should clean and trim any long hair between the toes. It’s also important to trim his nails before they are too overgrown and start making your dog feel anxious and uncomfortable. Not only will regular trimming make it much easier each time you cut his nails, but there’s much less chance of pain for your dog.

DON’T forget oral health

Because gum disease and bad breath can both become big problems for canines, you should be regularly cleaning their teeth and gums. You need to make sure again that you’re only using toothpaste that’s been specifically developed for dogs. There are also some doggy dental treats available which you can give them occasionally in order to help boost their breath and dental hygiene overall.

DO care for their skin

The condition of your puppy's skin is usually a good indication of his overall health. That’s why you need to monitor their skin and regularly check for any possible symptoms they might be experiencing. Dogs will usually respond to most skin problems by excessively chewing, licking, or scratching around the affected area. It turns out that skin diseases and other problems are the most common reasons why dogs end up at the vet.

DON’T brush damp fur

The worst time to brush your dog’s coat is right after a bath while their hair is wet. Because brushing your dog when his hair is wet can be quite painful, while also creating more tangles and knots. That’s why you should always brush dogs before you bathe them and then just let it all dry naturally afterward. If there’s any knotted or matted hair after it’s all dry, you can then use a brush to get rid of it all. Just remember that you need to be gentle with him.

DO know your limits

Despite having the best of intentions when grooming your dog, there are plenty of things that can go wrong. Some people actually prefer doing an online course to learn everything they need to know, whereas others have enjoyed learning about it so much they’ve actually chosen to do dog grooming as a career. Otherwise, you can always ask a friend or a neighbor to help you out while you’re doing some of the more difficult things like cutting his hair or trimming his nails. And you can always get in touch with your veterinarian if you’re not sure about doing something safely at home.

Summing up

Regular grooming has a positive impact on your puppy’s cleanliness, behavior, and physical health, as well as his mental health overall. It can also be good for you. Once you learn how to groom your puppy yourself, it becomes a wonderful opportunity to bond with each other and you can have a lot of fun. Remember, if your pup looks great, and he smells great, then he’s also going to feel great too. And a happy dog is a happy owner.


By guest blogger: Howie Robelza


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