Will A Body Wrap Help Your Pet?

By Copywriter Nikki Frie, https://copywriternikkifrie.com July 31, 2022

If your fur friend needs some confidence or healing pet care, definitely
do body wrap your pet. To do just that try Healers Pet Care Front and
Back Therapeutic Body Wraps. Why? Read on.
Confidence Building
There are several instances in which many of our pets are frightened
and insecure. Being left alone as we go out for the day or night, some
of our pets suffer from separation anxiety. Storms, loud traffic
backfires and sirens, fireworks celebrations, and possibly strangers
coming into their safe environment, all tend to contribute to your pet’s

Consequently, to use an anti-anxiety vest or, in this case, to body wrap
your pet gives your canine or feline a reassuring hug translating into
that safe confident feel they need. It’s much how we feel with a nice
blanket draped over us in bed after a stressful day at the office or after
any unwelcome event in our lives. Further, with the Healers’ Velcro
strap design you can wrap it snugly to give the very best hug.
Front Body Wrap for your Pet


Basically, most anti-anxiety vests do provide that needed hug. Healers
Body Wraps do more. Specifically, they give your pet help for
therapeutic reasons. Use them for post-surgical care rather than a
cone and for the calming effects while in the vet’s waiting room. Or
you can body wrap your pet by placing the wrap over the Healers’

gauze inserts as non-adhesive wound bandages to help your pet’s
healing process after surgery. The lightweight breathable materials
used for this body wrap assist in that healing process as well.
But here is the kicker. Healers has not one but two wraps for your pet.
They attach easily together with Velcro. Most important is the wraps
are usable together or separately depending on your need. The Rear
Body Wrap works well for therapeutic healing needs or as a diaper for
incontinence in an older dog or a female pet during heat.

Rear Body Wrap for your Pet

These wraps are made in the USA in Vancouver, Washington along
with some other great topical healing and supplement pet products by
Healers Pet Care. Their Therapeutic Body Wraps are extremely

versatile and affordable and are made of a washable lightweight,
breathable fabric. Sizing guides are available on the website,
https://www.healerspetcare.com, along with a video showing how
easily the wraps are to put on and take off.

One note of interest is the Golden Turmeric Paste for
anti-inflammation and many other needs. The turmeric ingredient is
actually from Biolley Farms, a Costa Rican farm of an old high school
buddy of Terri Entler. They provide education for local farmers to
preserve healthy farms in the region. The farmers “learn about soil and
fermentation of organic teas for crop nutrition” thereby helping to
protect the rainforest’s rich soil. And by using “small scale boutique
crops” they are providing “much needed employment” in the area as
Background & Beginning

How did this all USA-made product come to being? Interestingly
enough, the Founder and President, Terri Entler, is an Electrical
Engineer. With her entrepreneurial spirit and engineering background
giving her great design know-how, Ms. Entler began this business on
her own out of her garage back in 2011.

With perseverance and hard work Terri has managed to get her
products online and sold through Amazon, Chewy, and, Petco. She
eventually transitioned out of her garage and into a warehouse setting.
And, for the past few years she has had the help of her right hand woman,
Sales and Marketing Director Teresa Griffith, who has over 30 years of
experience as a veterinary technician.

Through evolving product designs and growing pet needs, the
Therapeutic Body Wraps emerged.

National Rollout

Now Healers Pet Care is primed and ready to go national. Healers
products will be available at Target stores across the USA as of
August, 2022, in a National Pharmacy, and Walmart scheduled for early 2023.
Customer Review from Texas

See what H. James of East Texas has to report. She works in dog
rescue and gives us a heartrending story of a rescue dog and yet
another undeniable use for the Therapeutic Body Wrap:

“I used the wrap on Mama. She came in with 8 puppies (only a few
were hers) and two other adult dogs who had been left to starve in a
garage for over a week. She ate a couch to survive and keep those
puppies alive. Two didn’t make it, and though I don’t think either was
hers biologically, she grieved when they passed. Needless to say, she
was very stressed and fretful.

“The wrap soothed her, and when the puppies were weaning it actually
blocked them from getting at her belly which helped her stay calm. I
think it’s very effective for a mama, and pups who might be stressed
out over situations with noise, light, etc.”

Picture of Mama, a Dachshund mix -

Customer Review from New York

From Lissette Norton of Mastic, New York via her dog:
“Hi, Fang here.
“I’m a 7 year old Border Collie mix and my brotha Kiko is a 3 year old
Australian Shepherd. We’re pup influencers on Instagram. We were
lucky to be gifted not 1 but 2 Healers Therapeutic & Anxiety Front
Body Wraps.

“I’m scared of fireworks, thunderstorms, motorcycle noise, car back
firing, basically anything LOUD. I pace the house, can’t stand still, tail

tucked between my legs, head down and can’t find comfort from my

“Kiko we rescued a year ago and he is even MORE scared than me. He
shakes uncontrollably, heart beats fast, pants, drools, and he jumps in
mommy’s lap for comfort.

“Mommy was so happy that using the wraps during 4th of July helped
us so much. Wearing the wraps along with CBD oil an having the TV on
loud, we settled in bed with mommy to watch a movie. She was
relieved because she no longer had to worry Kiko would have a heart
attack or be upset that she couldn’t comfort me.”

Kiko and Fang -

Healers Pet Care Giving Back

With every purchase you make you are helping to save trees in the
rainforest and improve our carbon footprint. With One Tribe, Healers
Pet Care is working to fight climate change. They have already saved
over 6000 trees!

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