4 Ways to Show Your Pup You Love Them Unconditionally

There’s nothing better than coming home to your furry friend after a long day. You know the moment you approach your front door that your pup(s) are wagging their tails and jumping with excitement.

Sometimes you may wonder if you miss your animals more than they miss you, but either way the connection you share is truly irreplaceable. Just like any other relationship, there comes a time when you want to show your dog that you love them unconditionally. Continue reading for 4 ways you can get the job done:



You may consider these a ‘luxurious spa-experience,’ but massages can provide your dogs with several therapeutic benefits both mentally and physically. Massaging your pet’s legs, arms, and overall body can improve circulation, eliminate pain, reduce stress and anxiety, and strengthen the bond between you and your dog. It’s also a great way to feel any abnormalities, like tumor growths or hot spots. You know what makes it even better? You can give a massage while sitting on the couch!


Play Dates

Think about all the times you were bored at home, so you called a friend and left the house to hangout or grab a bite to eat. Your animals would also love to get out of the house for some fresh air, or even better yet… A play date. Dogs need to run around and exercise, and socializing them with other dogs can prevent loneliness.

Remember that play dates are just as important for dogs as they are for children. They provide an outlet for pent-up energy, which in turn reduce behavioral issues, like ruining the furniture or chewing on shoes and other items. Good places for play dates include dog parks, regular parks, beaches, hiking trails, and other open, grassy fields.


Tasty Treats

Mmmm… The sweet aroma that comes from our pet’s bacon-flavored treats is unforgettable! Treats are a great way to reward your dog, and make them truly feel your unconditional love. You can win over any dog’s heart by first feeding its stomach. From cookies to bars, and biscuits to raw freeze-dried food, treats send a message to your pet’s brain that they are doing something right. They are an essential act of reinforcement that praises them and makes them feel special. Whatever treat you decide to give your pup, always be cautious and carefully read the ingredients to make sure it’s the best of the best for your furry companion.


Gift Urban Walkers from Healer’s Pet Care

Now the best way to show your dog unconditional love is to take amazing care of them. Over at Healers Pet Care, we specialize in pet products that protect and support your animal’s health. We offer products that target Paw and Leg Care, First Aid, Body Wraps, and Safety, so you can rest assured that your pet will have premium, high-quality holistic remedies.

If you want to show your pup some love, give them our new and improved Urban Walkers. They are designed to protect your pet from common paw injuries that result from the heat, ice, or terrain. If your dog is prone to paw injuries while adventuring outside, these are the ideal solution for them. They are created with comfort, quality, and effectiveness in mind. Secured with high tensile strength Velcro and a beefed up sole, these booties are sure to stay on your pup’s feet no matter how much they run. Our booties also feature a reflective band for greater visibility at night. They are designed with non-skid soles for ultimate traction both indoors and out.


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