3 Spring Activities that You and Your Dog Will Enjoy

After a long, cold winter, you and your pup could benefit from some much-needed time outdoors! With the spring season in full swing, longer days mean more sunshine to enjoy. If you haven’t had the chance to take your dog to a local park, there’s no better time than now to get out there and toss that tennis ball. Here is some inspiration for fun activities to do with your furry friend this spring:



You are not the only one who can feel the detrimental effects of cabin fever; Your dog also would like to get out of the house and breathe in some fresh air. You can take your pet on an adventure by heading to a local hiking trail. Remember to bring proper supplies not only for yourself, but for them, too.

Some essentials include fresh water (and a collapsible bowl), food, treats, proper identification, a harness and leash, a blanket to sit on for breaks, and a First Aid Kit for unforeseen injuries. You also want to consider the difficulty of the trail because you and your dog may not be in top shape after the winter season. Ease into the distance and terrain until you both are conditioned to take on those challenging trails. This fun spring activity will rejuvenate you both!



If you want to enjoy a getaway instead of a day trip, consider going camping with your furry pal. There are so many pet-friendly sites around the country that are worth exploring! Camping is a great outdoor activity that encourages your dog to trust you more, and even introduces them to activities that boost their mental and physical health. Strengthen your dog’s social skills by bringing them to a public camping site to interact with other people, and possibly other pets!

Before you head out to your destination, make sure that you prepared for different environments and situations. It’s important that you use some form of flea and tick prevention because they are at high risk during the spring season. Guarantee that your pet is good to go on an adventure with a veterinarian check-up.

Aside from the standard camping supplies, make sure to pack extra towels, outdoor toys, harnesses, leashes, dog waste bags, and a current photo of them in case you get separated. If you want to give them security and protection, consider bringing a LED Pet Safety Jacket from Healer’s Pet Care. This will keep them visible at night! The jacket is made of a high-quality softshell material that is very soft in texture, and it’s also waterproof.


Shopping Spree

If you’re not feeling an outdoor adventure, you can still perform activities that you and your dog will enjoy. One idea is to go on a spring shopping spree to get new toys, treats, walking equipment, and wellness supplies. Spring clean old toys, dog beds, and expired treats that no longer serve a purpose, and make room for new items. Your pets will be jumping for joy knowing you got all these new things for them. Think about a young child on Christmas, because your dog will feel the same excitement! Maybe your furry friend needs a new collar, doggy condo, or chew stick. Whatever you want to spend your bucks on will surely make you both happy.

Some ideas for what to buy include paw and leg care, first aid, body wraps, and other pet safety products for any upcoming adventures. Step into spring with new gear, and most importantly, enjoy special times with your pet that you will cherish forever!

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