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Healers First Aid Essentials Kit

Healers First Aid Essentials Kit

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Be prepared for any emergency with pet first aid from Healer’s Petcare. Our First Aid Essentials Kit includes everything you’ll need to have on-hand in case your pet gets injured.

  • The portable kit that makes traveling easy
  • The small case allows for storage in an RV, car, boat, or suitcase
  • Everything included in this kit is made in the USA

Healer’s Pet Care has developed a pet mini first aid kit for pet owners to have handy during an emergency. The kit is a great accompaniment to your human first aid kit and is designed to treat common pet wounds. Healers First Aid Essentials Kit contains our all-natural, non-stinging, wound spray, as well as pet leg care products that make for convenient, easy to apply, wound protection.  


  • All-Natural Wound Spray (4-ounce bottle)
  • Healer’s Leg Wrap
  • Box of 8 Healer’s Gauze Pads
  • Single roll of vet wrap

Don’t leave home without your Healer’s Pet First Aid Essential Kit and be prepared to treat any emergency, any time. Grab your pet first aid kit today!

Download your Fist Aid Essential Booklet